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Queensland Gold Coast Australia Breast Implants Augmentation Video

You might say to me well why would I choose one over another? To some degree it’s a matter of one whether you can put up with moving the smooth implant around. Two it’s also a matter of just the look you’re after. If I was to put two implants the same size, one textured one smooth same shape everything in your breast and get you to stand there and take a photograph we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. If however we were to get you to do something a little kinky and jump up and down on a trampoline with your top off then we would see a difference. This textured implant would tend to bounce around a little bit, jiggle around, whereas the smooth implant would tend to bounce up and down just a whole lot more.

In some cases we need to use a textured implant. That’s kind of when for example when we make a decision that rather than using a round implant we’re going to use a shaped one. We can use a shaped implant in any patient. We’ll get a nice result in any patient with that. The negatives of using that shaped implant are that we need to go through a cut underneath the breast. We can put implants in through other incisions that may be more positive from your perspective. The reason we need to do that is we need to get it sitting the right way because it has a shape to it and it’s also that little bit stiffer. So that’s one of the other negatives of these implants is they’re that little bit firmer.

And why would you choose one over the other? That’s a really good question. The reason you might choose a shaped implant over a round implant would be that in certain patients who don’t have a good breast shape and we need to try to force the breast to do something, these implants can be of some use to us. The other patients I find the shaped implant very good in are patients who are really thin because the softer round implants tend to want to do things like ripple a little bit. So if you don’t have any coverage over it with your own tissues you may see those ripples. So in those patients I’d tend to use that firmer shaped implant.

Yeah that makes sense. The other patients these can be of some use in are patients who have a little bit of sag. Just borderline for needing a lift and you can often get away with using this, and in that way it’ll kick up the edge of the nipple a little bit by filling out the bottom part. So if you think about that when we’re trying to force the breast to do something these are the ones that…but if you have someone who basically has a lovely breast shape, just needs to be a bit bigger, then the round implants are often the way we would tend to go. Oh okay.

This is a saline implant. It was invented because of issues with these silicone implants that you probably would have heard of from many years ago. You might not of because it was a fair while ago. These implants were the old silicone implants, they’re very thin walled, and if I was to cut that open it would just run everywhere. The modern implant has a much thicker wall to it and inside if I was to cut that open it’s a bit like Turkish delight, something like this. So you can see that it bulges but goes back in.

We could use a saline implant, but there’s some big negatives about that. They feel like a bag of salty water rather than like an implant and they do tend to go down in that with all the bending and folding all these little valves can become incompetent so occasionally they go down which isn’t dangerous but it means that basically your breast deflates. So I don’t use many of those for that reason unless patients insist.
So if we look at what we’ve done we’ve gone through whether we go in front or behind the muscle. We’ve looked at whether we’d use a round or a shaped implant. We’ve looked at whether we use a textured or a smooth implant, a silicone or a saline implant. There’s really only two things left for us to talk about. The first is which incision we would use, whether we would go around the nipple or around the edge of the areole, through a cut underneath or up through the armpit.