Breast Enhancement Video Gold Coast Australia Dr. Craig Layt

At the initial consultation a fitting will take place where various implant sizes are placed into a garment in order to assist Dr. Layt and the clinical staff to help you decide on the final size of the implant. So what I’ll get you to do now is to simply put your top on and this will show you how you’ll fill out in your clothing, so it’ll give you a really good idea on what that size is gonna look like.

Alright. Okay. Yeah makes quite a difference. It does doesn’t it? Do you like that size? Yeah it looks great. Excellent. So we’ve now decided on the volume that we want. What we really need to work at now is what style of implant we want, whether we want it to be wider and flatter or narrower and pushes out more. Now that depends upon the sort of natural proportions of your breast and so what we’d need to do is we’d need to just measure that for you, so we’ll do that now.

One week prior to the operation you and Dr. Layt will have a second appointment to finalize all of the decisions made during the first consolation and answer any questions you may have so you can proceed to the operation day relaxed and confident in your decision.