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Cosmeceuticals are creating scientific changes in skincare. The active ingredients used are also pure and non-inflammatory and can achieve real results for many people with skin conditions, sun damage, dehydration and related issues such as pigmentation and redness.

Product research and development is producing products that are better recognised by the body and thus function better at the cellular level. This can mean less inflammation, less free radical production, less pain and increased efficiency.

Featured Products

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Products - 1The Aspect range of cosmeceuticals has been expertly engineered with the latest cutting edge optically pure actives from medical science and nature to protect, nurture, and revitalise your most precious asset. Developed for men and women who want a simple but effective skin care regime, Aspect cosmeceuticals can deliver an abundance of good-for-your-skin ingredients and are never tested on animals.

Aspect Dr™

Products - 2Aspect Dr is a new direction in active, clinical grade skincare, formulated to include gold standard ingredients with proven anti-aging qualities but without trauma or downtime. Aspect Dr was formulated for the professional medical environment for the management of prematurely aging skin, discolourations, imperfections and temperamental or delicate skins. Aspect Dr is free from propylene glycol, petrolatum and parabens. Containing no animal derived ingredients, and most importantly never tested on animals only people. Aspect Dr can address one’s complexion with a concise line of product and peels sold exclusively through plastic surgeons and other medical professionals.

Aspect Sun

Every Aspect formulation is purposefully selected for their ability to create a positive change within the skin and their NEW aspect sun care range is no different. Developed to complement their existing skincare range, Aspect sun is formulated for all skins to protect against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB, ultra-hydrating, lightweight and fast absorbing 365 days of the year, rain, hail or shine!

The Layt Clinic is stocked with Aspect Sun including CC Cream SPF 50- combining the benefits of broad spectrum UVA and UVB SPF 50+ protection, with the convenience of a universal colour correcting tint to help even skin tone. Envirostat Face SPF 50 delivers a soothing and protective blend of antioxidants and Vitamin E to assist with minimizing the harsh sun damage effects of UV exposure while providing an instant dry finish. Envirostat On the Go SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion with Vitamin E is a chemical sunscreen that provides broad spectrum dry-touch protection. Suitable for facial and body use. Hydrating Face SPF 50+ provides a blend of antioxidants and UV protective actives to deliver very high sun protection, as well the ultimate nourishment for skins in need of more support against the sun damage, pigmentation and dehydration effects of UV exposure.


Products - 3With super clean ingredients, clinical level actives, luxurious textures and pure natural botanicals, COSMEDIX can deliver transformative results for all skin types and tones without harming the skin in the process.

What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. As pioneers in clean skincare, COSMEDIX products have always been 100% free of harsh and irritating ingredients such as parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, PEGs, sodium lauryl sulfate, hydroquinone, glycolic acid and artificial dyes and fragrances. Their formulas are also cruelty-free.

COSMEDIX® Elite (previously known as Results Rx)

Products - 4COSMEDIX Elite is only available to physicians as these products contain higher-level active ingredients and need to be carefully recommended and used correctly.

The chirally correct products have a high concentration of active ingredients that communicate with the skin so it can naturally repair itself.

PCA Skincare

PCA SKIN® is formulated with ingredients found naturally in the skin and body for maximum compatibility. This can promote optimal results without unnecessary side effects. PCA SKIN® uses blends of well-tolerated peeling ingredients to break down surface buildup. Results can be dramatic when used in conjunction with a comprehensive daily care regimen.

The Layt Clinic offers PCA SKIN® products such as: Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum – this smoothing blend of ingredients can provide deep, long-lasting hydration on three levels—on the surface, deeper in the skin and by increasing the skin’s own hyaluronic acid production; PCA Total Strength serum – this option can lift, firm and smooth sun-damaged skin with a powerful peptide and growth factor serum that can build volume and minimise the appearance of pores; PCA Perfecting Neck & Décolleté – this unique corrective cream is specifically formulated for the delicate skin on the neck and chest to strengthen, firm and minimise redness and skin discoloration. And many more.

Societe skincare

Société has perfected the nexus between science and nature by harnessing the most active ingredients nature has to offer and pairing them with the most current technological and scientific advancements. Developed and tested in a clinical setting, these innovative formulations contain high performance, patent-pending ingredients and are paraben free, propylene glycol free and sodium lauryl sulfate free.

Here at The Layt Clinic we stock Societe’s Clarity-Bac Complex which is specially formulated to combat rough, red and bumpy skin while providing an invisible protective barrier to seal in moisture and help keep out harmful environmental elements. The Societe Rejuvenating Peptide Mask that contains ingredients that are activated by skin temperature can rapidly calm the skin and promote self-moisturising ability for a long-lasting dewy complexion. Plus, the in-clinic Societe Oxygenation Treatment is a two-step process that can effectively deliver an instant boost of oxygen directly into the skin. Not only can the process activate the healing and circulation of any wound or acne outbreak, but it can also instantly lighten pigmentation and soothe the skin.

Product Return Policy

Faulty product or packaging may be returned within two weeks of purchase and will be replaced. If returned after this time, the product will be returned to the manufacturer/distributor for clarification of the fault and replacement authorisation.

A dermatological reaction to any product should present itself within 72 hours of commencing use. Most reactions after this are usually due to overuse of active products, adding other products or being exposed to other environmental situations, such as sun exposure, into the skincare routine and may demonstrate some skin irritation reaction. If any reaction or irritation occurs please contact our clinic for advice.

A reaction to a product within two weeks of purchase may be returned and exchanged for another product. If returned after this time, staff will consult with the patient regarding the use of the product to ensure correct use, quantity and frequency of use, and recommend any adjustment. If the product is to be exchanged after this time then a partial credit towards a different product will be applied.