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What Will My Breasts Look Like After Implant Removal?

Breast augmentation continues to be highly ranked worldwide as one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgeries. However, once breast implants are near the end of their typical lifespan or if the patient wishes to make changes, there are revisional breast surgery options available if the patient would like to:

Regardless of the reasons for the adjustment, women often share a common question before undergoing a revision breast surgery: “How will my breasts look after the procedure?”

The answer to this varies for each patient based on individual factors. A person’s physical traits all contribute to how the breasts may look after altering a previous breast augmentation:

For example, if the size and weight of the breast implants made a significant impact on surrounding skin and ligaments, the likelihood of breast ptosis upon removal or exchange may be more prevalent. Alternatively, patients with more buoyant skin elasticity have a greater chance of naturally maintaining a firmer and tighter outcome. This issue with skin elasticity can also occur when patients have large fluctuations of weight and the skin stretches but has difficulty shrinking back due to a lack of elasticity in some skin types.

Generally, some of the most common reasons patients seek revision augmentation is to adjust the size of their implants or upgrade their implants to a newer model. In some cases, the revision may be all that’s necessary to achieve the patient’s goals. In others, ptosis may still be apparent after the new implants are placed; therefore, patients may desire a breast lift procedure to reposition the breasts in a more central and anatomical position.

If a breast implant removal procedure without implant replacement is desired, the breasts may be affected by a ptosis appearance. A breast lift may address this concern. Whether the decision to remove the breast implants altogether is a personal aesthetic choice to return the breasts to their pre-breast augmentation appearance or if the decision is due to potential complications or concerns about the implants, a breast implant removal procedure can remove the implants while a breast lift can address the effects of excess tissue that may be causing additional aesthetic concerns. The breast lift won’t be necessary for all patients; however, for those who wish to address ptosis after implant removal, a breast lift procedure may be an option. Designed to address the effects of abundant inelastic skin in the breasts, a breast lift (mastopexy) can reduce the excess and lift the breasts to a more central location on the chest.

Consulting with an extensively trained and experienced plastic surgeon is the most effective way to address your aesthetic concerns and confidently move forward with a customised surgical plan. The Layt Clinic is happy to discuss your questions and review the best-suited options to successfully achieve your desired outcome utilising advanced, state-of-the-art techniques. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.