What Can Venus™ Legacy Facials Do for Me?

Considering ways to achieve firmer facial skin and a more youthful appearance? The Layt Clinic offers a powerful, non-surgical treatment called the Venus™ Legacy which can help many individuals do just that! The Venus™ Legacy utilises radiofrequency energy combined with pulsed electromagnetic fields to enhance collagen deep within the skin. This process can lead to a tightening effect, restoring the skin’s youthful properties and minimising signs of ageing. The Venus™ Legacy can be a great treatment option on its own, or it can be a very beneficial treatment following a facelift or other plastic surgery procedure to provide even more enhanced results.

While treatment with the Venus™ Legacy technique is often good for enhancing outcomes after liposuction, CoolSculpting®, or other body procedures, it is particularly advantageous for facial rejuvenation. The Venus™ Legacy can target facial wrinkles, sagging skin, and jowls, as well as signs of inelastic skin in the neck and the décolletage. Its innovative technology provides heat to subdermal skin layers, which can help stimulate natural collagen and replenish the skin’s ability to contract and heal itself. This can ultimately lead to firmer and smoother results. No downtime is typically necessary after Venus™ Legacy treatments, and the procedure can be performed for patients of virtually all skin types.

A series of Venus™ Legacy treatment sessions is usually recommended for the best outcome. The Venus™ Legacy can be incorporated into a customised surgical treatment plan, or it can be performed as a standalone treatment for facial rejuvenation. During your initial consultation, our team at The Layt Clinic can talk with you about your goals and determine whether the Venus™ Legacy is an ideal solution.

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