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Patient Experience and Review

Feedback on the patient experience and review of treatments, products and surgery are so important for us to continue to improve our service and understand what our patients are experiencing and wanting in their service. Constructive feedback is also an important way of patients sharing their experiences with other people who are looking at seeing our plastic surgeon, Dr Craig Layt, or The Layt Clinic for treatments or surgery. Feedback from current and past patients can be valuable information for patients that are looking at experiencing our clinic or just looking into various procedures and wanting more information on those treatments.

Unfortunately, we would love to have Facebook feedback and reviews however the National AHPRA guidelines for advertising do not allow Medical Practitioners to have Facebook reviews for our services. As we adhere to guidelines at this Medical Practice, we have disabled our Facebook Reviews.

Some review sites which may be of assistance are listed below. Click on the logo below to access. You may even wish to complete our patient survey (please click on the survey icon on the side of this page) which has specific questions to help us understand and implement improvements within our clinic. Thank you for your feedback and we look forward to improving and providing greater service to you and the community.


Cosmetic Journey Instructions: Sign-up to be a member. Go to the reviews page and click “Write review”.realself-logoReal Self Instructions: Please click on “Write a review” on the top right.



Google Instructions: Please click on “Write a Review” under ‘Reviews by Google Users” (Requires a Google Account)


TrueLocal Instructions: Submit your review by clicking on the stars in the ‘Review’ section. (Requires either a TrueLocal or Facebook Account)

Plastic Surgery Hub Instructions: Submit your review by clicking on ‘Post Review’.

Your survey can be short and sweet – it should only take a few minutes. Thank you for your willingness to share your experience and help assist us in improving our service every day.


Dr. Craig Layt and Staff