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The Layt Clinic is committed to providing all individuals who walk through our doors with an environment that prioritizes respect and dignity. We follow the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights and acknowledge that a patient has the right to Access, Safety, Respect, Partnership, Information, Privacy and to Give Feedback. To view these details visit www.

We have developed specific policies regarding the lodging of complaints and concerns, as well as policies regarding behaviour and conduct toward our staff or other patients and individuals at our clinic. These procedures and policies are designed to help foster an attentive and respectful atmosphere, and to efficiently address any problems or misunderstandings. 

Please take a moment to view our Complaints Procedure and Expected Behaviour policies below. If you have questions, please contact The Layt Clinic for additional information. 


We understand that healthcare is a personal and sensitive matter. Every patient has the right to voice their concerns and be heard. Our Complaints Policy has been designed to ensure that any concerns are handled fairly, respectfully, and efficiently. We commit to taking every complaint seriously, treating all parties involved with dignity and respect. Patients, Staff and Doctors all deserve to be treated in a reasonable manner and any unreasonable conduct will not be accepted from either party. 

Our complaint management system is intended to: 

Some complaints are a misunderstanding of either verbal or written information. We often review our documentation and procedures to assist with understanding documentation and informative communication for our patients and we value constructive patient input.

Lodging a Complaint

You are encouraged to discuss any surgical concerns with your surgeon. If your complaint is not related to surgery, please direct it to the practice manager. Most issues can be resolved quickly and effectively through direct communication.

If the matter remains unresolved or requires a formal investigation, you may submit a written complaint to the Practice. Please include your name, contact details, and a clear description of the issue. The practice will then gather the facts from relevant staff members, check protocols and documents, records of phone calls and check what happened on the day and leading up to that date. The complaint will be documented and the patient will be contacted to both discuss and respond to the concerns. 

The Layt Clinic

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If you are not satisfied with the response of your surgeon or practice, you may escalate your complaint to the State or Territory Health Care Complaints Commission and/or Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

State Commission/Authority (website link) Phone
1800 043 159
(02) 9879 2200
133 646
1300 419 495


All complaints will be treated with confidentiality and in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles. Personal information will only be used for the purpose of investigating and resolving the complaint. 

Vexatious & Frivolous Complaints 

The Doctors and Staff at The Layt Clinic have a responsibility to all parties, that is, patients, staff and doctors who are involved in the complaints process, and we will not accept any form of harassment or aggression. 

A vexatious complaint may be, but is not limited to, a groundless or without substance complaint that causes distress, detriment or harassment to the subject of the complaint or is unduly repetitive, burdensome or unwarranted when compared to its merits. Examples include, but are not limited to: 

If a complaint is determined to be vexatious, it will not be progressed, and all parties will be advised. Support may be offered to the patient or a referral to another clinic may be advised or requested. In extreme cases, the vexatious behavior may be reported.

Frivolous complaints may be, but are not limited to: 

If a complaint is determined to be frivolous, there may not be any local resolution, or it may not be progressed to an independent party and all parties will be advised. Support may be offered to the patient or a referral to another clinic may be advised or requested. 

Expected Behaviour and Conduct Procedure

The Layt Clinic is committed to producing a high quality of care to our patients. The relationship between the patients and those working in the surgery is an important issue and is a two-way process. Therefore, in order to protect both the staff and other patients, we have a zero tolerance policy and respectively point out that the following behaviour will not be tolerated:

Unreasonable and inappropriate conduct, includes, but is not limited to: 

The clinic understands that the patient whose conduct or behavior is unreasonable may still have a valid concern about an issue with the clinic. The Layt Clinic are committed to working with all our patients and staff requiring assistance and understand that where unreasonable conduct is present, we may require to amend services being offered to a patient to ensure safety of the Staff, Doctors, and other Patients of this clinic. In some cases, this may include limiting some or all services to the patient and a referral to another clinic may be advised or requested. 

In cases where patient behavior is threatening or assessed to be of imminent risk to Doctors, Staff, or other Patients, it may be necessary to cease any treatment, and call police. This would also result in referral to another Clinician. 

We do not allow smoking, vaping or drinking of alcohol on the premises and ask that mobile phones are switched off. Please note that for health reasons appropriate dress should be worn (e.g., no bare chests/feet please).