VISIA MachineTo help you achieve your skin rejuvenation goals and effectively address your skin’s complexion, tone, and health, it is important to develop a precise and accurate evaluation of your skin’s current condition. The VISIA® Skin Analysis technology allows our experienced team here at The Layt Clinic to utilise a sophisticated, imaging tool that assesses your skin with pinpoint precision. VISIA® produces a detailed, comprehensive look at the health and appearance of your skin, helping you and our aesthetic professionals to find areas that could benefit from specific treatments. This foundation ultimately helps us create the most ideal treatment plan for your goals. Plus, VISIA® can even show you the potential treatment outcomes of certain procedures, allowing you to get a visual image of the possible results before you even decide to undergo the treatment!

A general note: It is critically important for everyone to schedule regular skin checks each year, particularly in sunny and warm climates like Australia. These quick exams are necessary to help maintain skin health and identify any problems or potential problems as early as possible. Contact your GP to book a skin check appointment.

What Are the Benefits of the VISIA® Complexion Analysis?

The VISIA® Complexion Analysis technology essentially gives us an extraordinarily detailed view of your facial skin and presents us with a “blueprint” for a customised treatment plan. The imaging shows us aspects of your skin that may be difficult to see with the naked eye, but may ultimately give us the answers we need to make treatment recommendations that offer the greatest possibility of effectively renewing the health and appearance of your skin. VISIA® can also significantly improve communication between you and our aesthetic team, providing a detailed visual aid for you to review along with our care provider to discuss your concerns and determine ideal treatment solutions. Additionally, VISIA® has a simulation feature that can show you how time may affect your facial appearance years from now. This can help us develop a long-term regimen for skin care designed to assist you with maintaining healthy, vibrant skin for as long as possible.

Mapping Signs of Time and Other Aesthetic Concerns

VISIA® utilises a powerful camera and imaging system to scan the entire face. The technology is capable of detecting both visible and microscopic skin concerns on the surface of the skin and amongst deeper dermal layers. The imaging process is painless—you rest your head in front of the scanner while it takes the images along the perimeter of your face. The images are relayed to a computer screen where we are able to see magnification of the skin.

With these high-definition images, our aesthetic team can see and measure the development of:

VISIA® can ultimately help us map and track wrinkles, clogged pores, areas of roughness, brown spots, and an array of common skin irregularities. This gives us an incredibly useful metric tool to determine the treatments and skin care products that are most likely to effectively address your concerns.

Can VISIA® Show Me the Potential Results of Certain Treatments?

Yes. The VISIA® Skin Analysis system can be very useful for patients who may benefit from treatment with cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers. Whether you are considering treatment for fine lines and crow’s feet or if you would like to enhance volume to facial features such as the lips and cheeks, VISIA® can show you the potential results of injectables and how you may look following the procedure. While no technology can predict outcomes with 100% certainty, VISIA® can give you a general idea of the results before you undergo treatment.

If you would like to learn more about the VISIA® Skin Analysis technique, please contact The Layt Clinic today. This innovative imaging system can be utilised during your initial consultation to provide a detailed analysis of your skin as the basis for a comprehensive treatment plan.