Cosmetic Tattoo or Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation is a form of tattooing. It’s not uncommon for many professionals to have this procedure. It’s not a main stream form of tattooing, that most of us would be familiar with. This revolutionary digital machine has sloped needles and custom designed lip which allows pigment to be placed effectively into the curves of the skin. Cosmetic tattooing produces lasting effects.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Meet Lyn Quade

Lyn Quade, a respected Para-Medical, Cosmedic Micropigmenation Practitioner and Educator, has been in makeup artistry for 20 years. She studied under Dr. Linda Dixon President of the American Academy of Micropigmentation. With a wealth of knowledge in skin tone pigment, Lyn can design your micropigmentation in a natural or vibrant appearance, customised through individual assessment and thorough consultation. Almost 90 percent of women use cosmetics every day and Lyn says by having procedures in para-medical Micropigmentation, it helps define contours of the face.

What is Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is used in the medical field to create definition at the final results of plastic surgery, often used to camouflage facelift scars. Repigmentation for skin grafts, burns, mastectomy patients for redesign-recolouration of areola/nipple, or the colour camouflage reconstruction or realignment of a cleft lip. To recreate an areola with “3 dimensional” nipple is now achievable through cosmetic tattooing. The lack of areola arises from a complete or partial mastectomy due to the presence of cancer. Some women and men do not like having areola’s that are too small, too pale, or badly defined.

This is the perfect tool for those who don’t have a lot of time in the morning, anyone who has allergies to ordinary makeup, people who live active outdoor lives wanting their makeup to stay in place. If you’ve lost hair from alopecia, chemotherapy, accidents, burns, cosmetic surgery, or maybe loss of motor skills, cosmetic tattooing can help. If you want a darker shade of areola, have a cleft lip or vitiligo patches, or just simply have difficulty in applying makeup yourself this is a procedure that should be considered with great outcomes. Working with the right technique and application your discomfort is minimal.

Lyn is an independent provider who visits our clinic to perform Micropigmentation.  For more info visit