The masseter muscle is one of the four main muscles used for chewing, therefore playing a significant role in facial aesthetics.  Masseter Muscle Hypertrophy is best described as noticeable asymmetry of the jaw line as a result of bruxism (teeth grinding), chewing and dietary habits, and genetics.

Injections of a Toxin are a safe and effective non-surgical treatment for Masseter Muscle Hypertrophy, and contouring of the lower face. Many patients will also experience significant relief from pain and grinding episodes associated with Bruxism (teeth grinding).

By injecting the Toxin, muscle paralysis and atrophy are induced to achieve both a contouring of the lower face and jaw line, and reduction in the bite force, with the affects from the toxin lasting from four to ten months.

Due to advertising guidelines and regulations, we are unable to name the injectable online on our website. For information regarding the name of the Toxin and the procedure, or to book a consultation with our Gold Coast plastic surgeon, please contact our clinic today.