Are you looking for options that can give improve the health of your skin? The Layt Clinic is proud to offer one of the most advanced laser therapies used for cosmetic treatments available. HALO™ Hybrid Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing utilises a truly innovative methodology to significantly improve common skin concerns ranging from wrinkles and other signs of time, environment and sun damage, mild scarring, and enlarged pores. The HALO™ system does not require surgery to provide effective skin rejuvenation, and typically results in much less downtime when compared to other laser resurfacing techniques. This treatment can reduce damage that has set in over many years and help the skin restore itself, ultimately leading to a more luminous, “HALO™” skin.

What can HALO™ Hybrid Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing do for me?

The HALO™ Hybrid Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing system offers a number of potential benefits for both women and men. This procedure can revitalize the skin and restore a natural, healthy glow with its ability to:

The HALO™ system can be utilised on a variety of body areas, including the face, neck, hands, chest, arms, and legs. Additionally, HALO™ laser resurfacing can often produce optimal results in just one or two treatment sessions and is known to be more comfortable than other types of laser procedures. Our plastic surgeon or one of our experienced Laser Aestheticians will be happy to meet with you for an initial consultation to determine whether the HALO™ Hybrid Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing procedure is right for your needs and goals.

What sets the HALO™ system apart from other laser skin resurfacing techniques?

HALO™ Hybrid Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing is quite unique among the variety of cosmetic laser therapies currently available. The HALO™ system uses two different kinds of laser techniques (ablative and non-ablative) simultaneously, allowing it to target laser energy deep within the skin as well as the superficial dermal layers. By combining the two wavelengths, the HALO™ system can effectively enhance the health of deeper skin layers while resurfacing outer layers to produce beautiful results in fewer treatment sessions. Plus, the recovery period after HALO™ treatment is often minimal for most patients.


What does the HALO™ laser treatment process involve?

All HALO™ Hybrid Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing treatments are completely customised based on each patient’s unique needs. This procedure can be performed at our clinic and does not require general anaesthesia or an overnight hospital stay. First, a topical anaesthetic will be applied to the areas targeted for rejuvenation in order to minimise discomfort. Then, the laser device will be applied to the treatment area, where it will deliver targeted bursts of energy to deep dermal layers and superficial layers of the skin. This laser technique makes it possible to address specific aesthetic concerns on the surface while helping deeper layers produce healthier skin cells, which can lead to longer-lasting replenishment.

Many patients experience the best possible results after just one HALO™ treatment, while others may need two treatment sessions for optimal outcomes. The results of this procedure often become noticeable within five days, with the effects continuing to improve over the ensuing months.

What is the recovery process from HALO™ treatment like?

Most individuals are able to return to normal daily routines within two days after the HALO™ laser procedure. Common side effects such as redness and swelling in the areas of skin that were treated should dissipate as the skin heals. Some degree of skin tightness and peeling can also be expected for a few days following treatment.

Would you like to learn more about HALO™ Hybrid Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing and how it can revitalize your skin for a more youthful appearance? Please contact The Layt Clinic for additional information, or to schedule a consultation.