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The power of light energy has been found to offer an effective way to address the health and condition of the skin. BroadBand Light™ (BBL) therapy can address a number of conditions.

BBL™ is an advanced form of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy, which can help address skin health either before the need to have surgery or after surgery as a maintenance treatment.

What can BroadBand Light™ therapy do for me?

BBL™ - BroadBand Light Therapy - 1BBL™ therapy can be an effective option for a remarkable array of common aesthetic skin concerns. This treatment can address:

The above conditions represent just a sample of the many skin presentations that can be addressed with BroadBand Light™ therapy. This treatment can be performed on a variety of body areas and can serve as a suitable option for both women and men. During your initial consultation, we will evaluate your skin and talk with you about your goals. If BBL™ therapy is a suitable treatment, we can create a customised plan designed to address your skin conditions or maintenance program.

What does the BBL™ procedure involve?

BBL™ - BroadBand Light Therapy - 2BBL™ procedures do not require surgery or general anaesthesia. A special device that delivers bursts of light energy will be precisely guided over the treatment areas. The light should be absorbed by the skin, which helps rid the skin of damaged cells while stimulating the production of new collagen, ultimately bringing healthier skin layers to the surface.

The length of the BBL™ procedure will depend on each patient’s needs and the extent of treatment outlined in the personalised treatment plan. Some procedures take only about 20 minutes to complete, while others take as much as one hour. Fortunately, most individuals do not need a recovery period after BBL™ treatment and are able to immediately resume their normal daily activities.

Patients may be advised to undergo a series of BBL™ treatments to maximise the benefits of this treatment. Once your skin has been evaluated we can provide a recommendation as to how many BBL™ treatments may be necessary to help you achieve your goals.

What can I expect from the results of BBL™ therapy?

A certain amount of swelling, redness, and a mild “sunburn” feeling can be expected after BBL™ therapy; however, these effects should be temporary and are typically well-tolerated. Freckles and sunspots may turn slightly darker initially and then flake off within 7-14 days. This is a desired and normal reaction. If redness is the target, blood vessels in the deeper layers of the skin absorb the light and the heat created by the light damages the vessels. The vessels are shut down and the body continues to absorb the destroyed vessel remnants.

Once the treated areas of skin begin to flake off, the healthier dermal layers should become more noticeable, with continued improvement as the days and weeks pass. The results of BBL™ can last as long as one year for some individuals, and many patients are able to keep the effects going for longer periods with an occasional follow-up treatment.

If you have questions about BBL™ therapy, or if you would like to schedule a consultation to talk more about this non-surgical treatment option, please contact The Layt Clinic today.