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Cosmetic Treatments

Signs of time, sun and our environment can cause skin changes such as wrinkles, fine lines, dehydration and volume depletion in specific areas of the face. These can be treated with advanced cosmetic volume and wrinkle treatments. These non-surgical treatments can temporarily replace volume and contour to the lips, cheeks, and other facial features.  Some non-surgical treatments can target muscle movement and assist to smooth the appearance of wrinkles from the continual movement of facial musculature.

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Treatments to address wrinkles

With wrinkle targeted procedures, both women and men can reduce signs of dynamic wrinkles and expression lines in areas around the eyes, between the eyebrows, along the forehead, and in other facial regions. These wrinkle treatments require a doctor to see you every 12 months.  Many patients are able to resume their normal daily routines after the treatment. The treatment may take a few days to a few weeks to fully take effect.

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Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

Skin affected by signs of blotchiness, discolouration, sun damage, sunspots, uneven skin tone, and many other skin conditions can often be improved with photodynamic therapy. PDT utilises light energy to target and remove damaged skin cells while helping healthier dermal layers emerge in their place. It is particularly important to have any areas of skin showing signs of sunspots or other irregularities examined as soon as possible since there is a risk they may develop into certain kinds of skin cancer.

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Medi-Facial Treatments

Thorough skin analyses, facial peels, and microdermabrasion are part of the innovative medi-facial treatment selection available here at The Layt Clinic. Many of our medi-facial options can help exfoliate and cleanse the skin.  Our team aim to address conditions such as those caused by time, sun, environment factors, acne, and other common skin conditions, and ultimately assist our patients to achieve a healthier skin.

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The HydraFacial® is a popular, “upgraded” facial that utilises a three-step exfoliation, clearing, and nourishing process to provide the skin with a beautiful, more youthful glow. This unique facial typically requires no recovery time, and the treatment itself is known to be quite soothing and refreshing.

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Genius® RF Microneedling

The Layt Clinic is excited to offer one of the latest advances in microneedling techniques. Genius® Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling utilizes controlled radiofrequency energy delivered into the skin through small perforations made by the microneedling device. This can help the skin repair itself and stimulate new collagen and elastin. Through this process, the Genius® treatment can help tighten the skin and decrease the effects of time, sun and environment damage, mild scarring, stretch marks, uneven texture, and many other skin conditions. The Genius® technique is known to offer patients a more comfortable microneedling treatment, and it can be used on a variety of skin types and in a range of body areas.

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Sciton, Cutera® and ResurFX™ Laser Facial Treatments

Sciton, Cutera®, ResurFX™, and other advanced laser facial procedures use the power of laser energy to assist in the reduction of signs of hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines, mild scarring, and a range of other skin conditions. Our laser and light therapy treatment options also include the Cutera® CoolGlide, which is capable of diminishing the appearance of red facial veins (capillaries).

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Venus Legacy™

Designed to help renew collagen production and the firmness of the skin, the Venus Legacy™ harnesses the power of Radio Frequency energy and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to provide a rejuvenated appearance. This treatment can be a good solution on its own, or it can be combined with a procedure such as CoolSculpting® to enhance aesthetic outcomes even further.

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Beauty Treatments

Eyelash tinting, jane iredale® Mineral Makeup, and other options in our selection of advanced beauty treatments may be just what you need to get ready for that next special event!

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Bootcamps & Non-Surgical Treatment Packages

Ready to get your skin fit? Our customized skincare Bootcamps offer full packages designed to improve hydration and the overall fitness of your skin. We know from physical activity and healthy eating, that one day of healthy eating and activity will not create a healthy body.  It is similar with our skin and hair. Taking care of our skin and hair involves regular maintenance and care.  We can recommend a number of basic and advanced non-surgical skin treatments to help our patients work towards a healthy skin.

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Micropigmentation, cosmetic tattooing, and micropigmentation makeup options are provided by visiting practitioners to our clinic. Contact our clinic to enquire on their next appointments. These unique procedures can help recreate the appearance of a nipple and areola after mastectomy, produce a type of “permanent makeup,” and address many other concerns.

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Ultraformer® III

The Ultraformer® III skin tightening treatment can assist both women and men to help reduce signs of descending skin affecting the neck, face, and other areas without the need for surgery. This technology utilises ultrasonic energy to help the skin produce new collagen and assist with both tone and firmness.

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HALO® Hybrid Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing

The HALO® Hybrid Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing procedure is unique among laser resurfacing treatment platforms. This option utilises a special technique that can help many patients after just one treatment session. The HALO® system can be used to assist in addressing the effects of time, sun and environmental factors, mild scarring, minimising enlarged pores, revitalising texture, and giving the skin a healthier condition.

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BBL™ – Broadband Light Therapy

BroadBand Light™ therapy, often referred to as BBL™, can be an ideal treatment for assisting with skin firmness, smoothness, and tone. This light-based procedure can help improve skin elasticity and assist in addressing the effects of time, sun and environmental factors, discolouration, rosacea, acne, and other conditions.

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Aspect Dr™, Biojuve,  COSMEDIX®, jane iredale®, and PCA SKIN® are just a few of the many popular skin care product lines we carry here at The Layt Clinic. Options include a variety of serums, creams, and solutions that can help nourish dehydrated skin and address inflammation, and other common conditions.

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Skin Care Shop

The Layt Clinic has its own online skincare shop.  Please don’t hesitate to visit our e-shop to find a wonderful selection of sunscreens, moisturisers, facial masks, serums, and other products that can help you protect your skin and give it a healthier, more youthful appearance. Many of our skincare shop products can be delivered right to your door.  Some products may only be available through our clinic and with a consultation as they have a higher percentage of active ingredients in them. We look forward to helping you to create healthy skin habits and to look after your skin with you.

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Again, please note that any invasive or surgical procedure carries risks. Before proceeding with treatment, it is advisable to seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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