The Layt Clinic’s Brooke Francisco-Newberry Offers Tips On Cosmetic Injectables in Plastic Surgery Hub Article

Cosmetic injectables for facial rejuvenation can smooth away signs of wrinkles and add volume to facial features with stunning results; however, the key to success is achieving outcomes that both achieve individual goals while looking as natural as possible. Our Cosmetic Registered Nurse here at The Layt Clinic, Brooke Francisco-Newberry, was recently interviewed for an article in Plastic Surgery Hub that offers some guidance for patients considering cosmetic injectables to help them beautifully renew their appearance without an “overdone” effect.

In the article, Brooke talks about the necessity of more subtle rejuvenation rather than the use of excessive amounts of the injectable solution. In the skilled hands of a medical professional who has extensive training and experience with these kinds of procedures, noticeable and beautiful effects can often be achieved without having to administer a large volume of the injectable solution that may end up creating an over-filled result. In addition, Brooke says the success of injectable treatments and other cosmetic procedures also goes hand-in-hand with a patient’s health, diet, and lifestyle habits, which can ultimately have an effect on the appearance and vibrancy of their skin.

Overall, Brooke says cosmetic injectable treatments can do more with less, as long as the placement of injections and the amount of the solution is strategically administered by an experienced injector who is concentrating on bringing out one’s natural beauty and seamlessly blending the product in with an individual’s distinct facial features to enhance and refresh their appearance.

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