New Plastic Surgery and Medical Tourism Trends May be Cause for Concern

Our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Craig Layt, was recently featured in a 9News story discussing his concern regarding a recent contest sponsored by CosMediTour, a Gold Coast tourism group that offered a free trip to Thailand plus free breast implants for the winner. According to the video report, CosMediTour is a company that specializes in “medical tourism.” While a spokesman for the company says plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation can be performed in countries such as Thailand at a lower cost, the Australian Medical Association and our own Dr. Layt are very concerned about contests such as these because of the possibilities of health complications once they return to Australia. Dr. Layt says if he were to offer a contest like this in our area, “the medical board would be all over me. And for good reason.”

View the full video from the 9News story featuring interviews with Dr. Layt, a spokesman from CosMediTour, and a former CosMediTour customer talking about her own experience. If you would like more information, please contact our practice today.