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Gold Coast Plastic Surgery Practice Expands with Addition of Skin Cancer Specialist

Gold Coast Plastic Surgery Practice Expands with Addition of Skin Cancer Specialist - 1Dr. Dan Perera has recently joined The Layt Clinic’s Skin Cancer and Laser Clinic, utilising early detection techniques to improve treatment success rates and prevention of skin cancers.
Gold Coast, QLD — Skin cancer is a serious concern for Australians, due to constant exposure to high levels of ultraviolet radiation. To address this critical issue, The Layt Clinic, a plastic surgery practice on The Gold Coast, has had Dr. Dan Perera join their Skin Cancer and Laser Clinic in Southport. With his experience in skin cancer and surgery, the General Practitioner is able to help patients detect potential skin cancer at earlier stages. Dr. Dan Perera and Dr. Layt stress the importance for Australians to have a skin consultation, stating that exposure to UV rays at “level three” and above leads to not only the development of skin cancers, but also damage that causes signs of ageing. A recent article in Get It Magazine explains that Queensland rarely drops below a level three when it comes to UV exposure. Because of this, it is important for Australians to remember to use sun protection every day, even when it is not sunny outside.
At The Layt Clinic’s Skin Cancer and Laser Clinic, Dr. Dan Perera and Dr. Layt use a process called Dermatoscopy, which they explain allows the examining of the skin to be at a magnification that is ten times larger. Using this method, they are able to detect skin cancer much sooner, often allowing for less invasive treatment options that may also be much more effective at earlier stages. Dr. Layt explains that in its earliest stages, melanomas can look like normal moles, and may not raise suspicion. Using Dermatoscopy, Dr. Perera and Dr. Layt are able to carefully track and monitor patients for moles or lesions that change in shape, size, or colour.
Dr. Perera offers skin consultations for anyone who may be concerned about the condition of their skin. Dr. Layt states they have access to the most advanced laser equipment and have photodynamic therapy treatments starting in the near future at the Skin Cancer and Laser Clinic. General Practitioner, Dr. Perera, and Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Layt, also perform minor to medium skin cancer excisions at The Layt Clinic’s Southport location. More extensive skin cancer surgery is performed by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Layt at one of the following hospitals: Pacific Private Day Surgery, Pindara Hospital, Allamanda Hospital or Ballina Day Surgery.
Dr. Perera and Dr. Layt encourage anyone who is concerned about their skin to have a skin consultation, and to continue to use sunscreen or another means of sun protection on a daily basis.
About Craig Layt, MD, FRACS
Dr. Craig Layt completed his training in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Austin Hospital, Royal Melbourne and Royal Children’s Hospitals in Melbourne. Prior to this, Dr. Layt was training at the Royal Brisbane Hospital, the Princess Alexandra and Mater Hospitals. He is a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and several other professional organizations. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and a Past President of the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Layt is available for interview upon request.

About Dr. Dan Perera

Dr. Dan Perera has been practicing in Australia for over 20 years as a General Practitioner, and heads his own private practice. He is also available at The Layt Clinic’s Southport office for skin assessments. Dr. Perera is a graduate of St. Thomas University in the UK, and has worked alongside plastic surgeon Dr. Craig Layt for the past ten years as a surgical assistant.
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