Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon Dispels Common Cosmetic Surgery Myths

At his Queensland and Ballina offices, plastic surgeon Dr. Craig Layt says he must continuously confront several long-standing myths. Regardless of whether patients are concerned about breastfeeding after a breast augmentation or considering liposuction as a form of weight loss, Dr. Layt says he stresses the need for a consultation with a qualified surgeon to ensure all aspects of the procedure are discussed, and a patient’s expectations are defined and met.

One of the most common myths Dr. Layt says he has to address concerns a woman’s ability to breastfeed following a breast augmentation. He says the presence of breast implants has no effect on a mother’s ability to breastfeed; however, he adds that the presence of the implant does not protect the breast from the common effects of breastfeeding: “When a woman breastfeeds, the breast becomes engorged to a variable degree and the repeated enlargement and deflation can result in the breast sagging in some patients. If there is an implant present the breast may sag over the implant and need a lift at some stage. If there is no implant present then the sagging and deflation may result in a need for a lift with an implant.”

At his Ballina and Gold Coast plastic surgery practice, another common myth Dr. Layt must confront is that liposuction is a form of weight loss. He says taking 10 or more kg of fat from an overweight patient during a liposuction procedure has a high complication rate with potentially poor results. “The ideal patient for liposuction is a person who is close to their ideal body weight who has good skin quality and localised areas of excess fat,” he says. Diet and exercise are the safest and most effective methods for patients to achieve their ideal weight, according to Dr. Layt, while liposuction is a means to reach the desired aesthetic appearance once the weight is lost.

While Dr. Layt admits that a number of myths exist, including marketing regulations for cosmetic surgeons, the obvious and unnatural appearance of a facelift procedure, and the desire to comparison shop, there is one myth that creates a difficult scenario for him as a plastic surgeon in Gold Coast. He says many patients come in hoping to address low self-esteem or depression associated with their appearance. Dr. Layt admits that cosmetic plastic surgery can and does have an impact on a patient’s self-confidence, but also stresses that it is not a final resolution for all patients:

“I see many patients who have a physical concern that is impacting their self-esteem, thus their interaction with others. Correcting this perceived deformity can have enormous positive effects for the right person, such as a patient with a prominent nose or ears, young women unsatisfied with their breast development, or mothers following pregnancy and childbirth.”
However, Dr. Layt also says patients need to realize the decision to undergo a plastic surgery procedure is a complex process that requires the support of a qualified surgeon and experienced team. By taking the appropriate steps to research the procedure and surgeon and discuss all elements involved during the consultation process, Dr. Layt says patients can ensure they are confident in their decision to undergo the procedure, comfortable with the expectations, and satisfied with their cosmetic enhancement results.

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About Dr. Craig Layt
After graduating from the University of Queensland Medical School, Dr. Craig Layt completed a general surgery residency at Princess Alexandra, Mater, and Greenslopes Hospitals in Brisbane, and the General Hospital in Townsville. He then trained in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Royal Brisbane Hospital, as well as the Princess Alexandra and Mater Hospitals. Dr. Layt is the current President of the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), and is actively involved in the training and education of plastic surgeons for aesthetic and cosmetic plastic surgery.

The Layt Clinic has two locations: Benowa Clinic, Suite 1, AHC House, 14 Carrara St., Benowa, QLD 4217, which can be contacted at (07) 5597 4100; and the Ballina Clinic, Ballina Health Centre, 32 Tamar St., Ballina, NSW 2478, which can be contacted at (13) 0066 7763. Both Dr. Layt and his team can also be contacted online at, or their The Layt Clinic Plastic Surgery Facebook page.