The Layt Clinic Welcomes Dr. Perera to The Skin Cancer and Laser Clinic

Dr. Dan Perera has been part of the surgical team with Dr. Layt for over the ten years. During that time, Dr. Perera has worked alongside Dr. Layt and other Gold Coast surgeons as a surgical assistant. Now, with the addition of our Skin Cancer and Laser Clinic, Dr. Perera has become instrumental in working with skin cancer patients. Living in Australia puts us at a greater risk for developing skin cancers, so monitoring any suspicious moles and lesions is important. These changes can be cause for concern, but early detection can lead to a greater chance of effective treatment for the skin cancer. At the Skin Cancer and Laser Clinic, Dr. Perera will be able to observe and track any changes in colour, size, or shape using Dermatoscopy, a procedure that magnifies the area of concern, allowing him to view it in great detail.

About Dr. Dan Perera

A graduate of St. Thomas University in the UK, Dr. Dan Perera has been practicing as a General Practitioner in Australia for over 20 years. Along with heading his own practice, he has also worked alongside plastic surgeon Dr. Craig Layt for the past ten years as a surgical assistant. Dr. Perera is now available for skin assessments at The Layt Clinic in Queensland.
If you would like to schedule a consultation, or if you are interested in learning more about Dr. Perera or the Skin Cancer and Laser Clinic, please contact The Layt Clinic today.