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Dr. Craig Layt and Tina Layt Discuss Social Media, Self-Esteem, and Honesty in Wide-Ranging Gold Coast Bulletin Profile

What is the impact of social media on self-esteem? Does it contribute to body dysmorphia, or is the promotion of plastic surgery more to blame? Dr Craig Layt and Tina Layt, the medical director of our practice and practice manager, respectively, recently answered these questions in a wide-ranging discussion with Ann Wason Moore of the Gold Coast Bulletin. Touching on a number of topics related to plastic and cosmetic surgery, Tina and Dr Layt noted that they believe the prevalence of social media is what is truly hurting an individual’s self-confidence. Dr Layt said, while there is “no data to support that the promotion of plastic surgery is linked to body dysmorphia,” there is actual data showing that the effects of social media begin to manifest among people at a very young age. He noted that children are already feeling pressure from magazines, friends, and social media to “look a certain way,” and that it is a very concerning phenomenon. One of the most dangerous aspects of it, Dr Layt mentions, is that images on social media often can be manipulated with tools such as photo filters, leading people to believe that the person’s appearance is real when it’s not.

In the Gold Coast Bulletin interview, our plastic surgeon also discusses his wish to avoid “trends” in cosmetic surgery. He notes that our practice focuses on what works, not on what may be fashionable at any given time. Dr Layt also talks about the importance of striving for results that look natural—enhancing what’s already there as opposed to providing outcomes that may yield an “overdone” appearance. In addition, Dr Layt emphasizes one of the core aspects of our philosophy here at The Layt Clinic, which is to be honest with patients. If they are not physically or emotionally ready for a certain procedure, or if it will simply not help them achieve their ultimate goals, we advise against going through with it. On the other hand, Dr Layt says, there are many patients who have concerns that are well-founded, and could benefit from specific plastic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures. In those cases, we thoroughly explain the procedure and what patients can expect from all aspects of treatment. If the patient decides to move forward, we then customise the procedure to their unique needs.

The article also offers a detailed and poignant glimpse at Tina’s important contributions to our practice. Describing her impeccable credentials—including a degree in mathematics, her experience in ultrasonography and radiography, and her management of The Layt Clinic (not to mention her management of a household with three kids!)—the interview explains how Tina and the Layt family work together as a team and juggle it all as best as possible.

We thank the Gold Coast Bulletin for publishing such an in-depth and important discussion with our leaders here at The Layt Clinic! If you would like more information about our practice, or if you have questions for our plastic surgeon, please contact us today.