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Neck Lift

A neck lift can improve signs of loose, sagging skin in the neck and under the chin to create a smoother, more youthful look. It is very common for the skin to lose elasticity in this area over time, leading to noticeable changes in facial and neck aesthetics, as well as a less defined profile. Our experienced plastic surgeon here at The Layt Clinic can address these concerns and provide the neck with enhanced contours and a beautiful new appearance.

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift (usually combined with a lower facelift) is a surgical procedure which aims to reduce the signs of aging and weight loss in the neck and lower jawline region. The neck and jawline are shaped by a sheet of muscle called the platysma. The platysma combines with the muscles of the lower face and contributes to facial expressions such as smiling. The platysma and overlying skin tends to slacken with age until the jawline is no longer clearly defined from the neck. Neck lift surgery can improve these conditions and provide significant rejuvenation in the area. In most cases, a neck lift is combined with facelift surgery for more comprehensive enhancement of the lower face and upper neck regions.

Who is a candidate for a neck lift?

The neck lift procedure may involve tightening the skin, removing excess fat, reducing a ‘double chin’ or ‘turkey gobbler’ neck, reducing jowls, and defining the jawline. If you have the appearance of excess skin below the jawline on your neck, or fatty deposits under the chin, a neck lift may be of benefit. During the initial consultation with our plastic surgeon, your needs will be evaluated and your candidacy for neck lift surgery can be determined. If this is the right option for your needs, our surgeon can create a customised treatment plan designed to achieve your goals.

What is involved in the neck lift procedure?

A range of procedures are available in performing a neck lift, and our plastic surgeon will recommend the best technique required for your desired outcome. The exact techniques required will determine the site and degree of the excision, which, where possible, will be made in the skin’s natural folds so that scarring will be less noticeable. Skin and fat may be removed and muscles may be tightened or fixed to encourage a smooth and tighter appearance of the neck.

This treatment is generally performed as a day case under general anaesthetic.

What can you expect after the neck lift operation?

A pressure garment is usually worn after the surgery for compression. We advise that you avoid straining for the first 48 hours, limit strenuous activity for the first week, and avoid any heavy lifting for three weeks following your surgery. After this time, normal activities can be gradually resumed, and most patients will feel well enough to return to work within two weeks. Complete healing and recovery, however, may take a few months.

Modern surgery is safe. There is, however, no such thing as “risk-free” surgery. The important things are to understand potential risks, minimise their occurrence, and treat them early to avoid small issues becoming more severe. Our team will provide you with detailed instructions and answer all of your questions to help you enjoy the safest treatment and most effective recovery possible.

If you would like additional information on neck lift surgery or other options available at The Layt Clinic, please contact us today.