Your Career at The Layt Clinic

At The Layt Clinic, we not only look for qualifications and experience but also a warm and compassionate personality. At The Layt Clinic, we work with non-surgical and elective surgery patients as well as skin cancer, breast cancer and other reconstruction patients. All of our patients require and deserve the highest level of professionalism, understanding and care. With many staff at our Southport and Ballina Clinics we all work closely together and are like a family.

We seek staff wishing to have a long term career as part of this family and in return we invest a lot of time in training and education of our staff. We pride ourselves in guiding our patients through their journey whether it be to change a physical part of their body, treat a medical condition or enjoy one of our spa treatments. We love making our patients feel great and we enjoy seeing them attain a high self esteem.

We find our work tremendously rewarding and we are dedicated to the health, comfort, and satisfaction of our patients and working together as a team.

If you are looking at employment at The Layt Clinic please email your CV to [email protected] and we will contact you if a position becomes available.