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Gold Coast Queensland Australia Breast Augmentation Video Dr Craig Layt

So Jamie you’re thinking about a breast augmentation. Yes I am. Okay how old are you now? 27. Great. And you’re otherwise fit, well, healthy? Yes I am. Okay any history of breast cancer? No none at all. And you would never have had a mammogram or anything like that? […]

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Queensland Gold Coast Australia Breast Implants Augmentation Video

You might say to me well why would I choose one over another? To some degree it’s a matter of one whether you can put up with moving the smooth implant around. Two it’s also a matter of just the look you’re after. If I was to put two implants […]

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Breast Enhancement Implants Video Queensland Gold Coast Australia

Incision under the arm or the one around the nipple we do essentially the same operation. Sometimes it’s preferable to use a certain incision in a certain person, sometimes it’s actually necessary to do that, it really just depends on you. What we’re really trying to do is individualize this […]

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Breast Enhancement Video Gold Coast Australia Dr. Craig Layt

At the initial consultation a fitting will take place where various implant sizes are placed into a garment in order to assist Dr. Layt and the clinical staff to help you decide on the final size of the implant. So what I’ll get you to do now is to simply […]

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Gold Coast Queensland Australia Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Video Dr Craig Layt

Hi I’m Dr. Craig Layt, plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Welcome to our clinic. This presentation’s designed to give you some information that you need to make some decisions about your breast augmentation. Here the clinic we try to do things in a relaxed and friendly manner. I look forward to […]

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Breast Surgery Gold Coast Australia Dr. Craig Layt

The duration of the operation is between one and two hours. You will be observed in recovery for a period of time while the effects of the general anesthetic subside before you are discharged. During the post operative period you will have an appointment with the clinic 1-2 days after […]

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