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Breast Procedures

Our experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr Craig Layt, offers a variety of breast surgery procedures that can help our patients achieve their goals. Breast augmentation and enlargement uses a breast implant to add volume to the breasts for a more contoured, youthful appearance, while breast lift surgery can remove excess skin for a firmer, “perkier” bustline. Both men and women can benefit from breast reduction procedures, which are designed to reduce the discomfort and self-consciousness that can affect patients who have breasts that are too large for their body frame. In addition to our breast enhancement procedures, Dr Layt offers a range of breast reconstruction techniques that can help women who have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy after breast cancer, as well as those who have been affected by breast injury or deformity.

At the Layt Clinic, our board-certified plastic surgeon can enhance the appearance of your breasts with natural-looking results. Please follow the links below for more information on procedures such as male and female breast reduction, breast reconstruction, breast enlargement, and breast lift surgery. Contact our practice to schedule a consultation with Dr Layt.

Breast Surgery Procedures and Information

The Layt Clinic is a proud contributor to the Australian Breast Device Registry (ABDR).  The registry provides an opportunity for surgeons and healthcare operators to contribute to the continued safety and quality of breast device surgery in Australia.

The Australian Breast Device Registry (ABDR) is a Commonwealth-funded Monash University-led health initiative that records health data relating to breast device surgery. The registry is designed to track patient health outcomes, monitor the long-term safety and performance of breast devices and benchmark the quality of surgery involving breast implants, breast tissue expanders and acellular dermal matrices.

Video Courtesy of ASAPSAU

Video Courtesy of ASAPSAU

Video Courtesy of ASAPSAU