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Start Your Skin Fit Journey with Us.

At the Layt Clinic we have a range of Skin Bootcamps to help you to boost the hydration and fitness of your skin.

Our packages last for 3 months at a time and are tailored to meet your needs and also your price range. It is a great way to build on valuable skincare habits to help to maintain a healthy skin.

The Radiance Bootcamp incorporates fortnightly treatments over the 3 months. Packages start at only $990.

The Clarity Bootcamp treats you to weekly visits at our clinic over the 3 months. Packages start from $1420.

The Rejuvenation Bootcamp allows us to tailor weekly treatments, including intensive treatments such as laser and skin needling to address various concerns. Packages start from $2400 for the 3 months.

We will tailor the package for your skin, your concerns and your schedule. Packages are also a great way to secure great prices and create a habit to regular treatments. We look forward to seeing you for a Bootcamp Journey at The Layt Clinic and helping you to save by booking a Bootcamp today.


Non-Surgical Packages

Many of our non-surgical cosmetic treatments can be purchased in packages. This not only saves you money on individual treatments but also helps you and our staff to work together to achieve results by having a commitment to complete a series of treatments. We love seeing our patients enjoy their skin and how it feels and looks when a series of treatments are performed on a regular basis.